Sorry, I'm busy!

Busy. The badge of honor. People are prideful about it. We feel justified in all our hard work and exhaustion when we’re running ragged. We’re striving for perfection because anything else is inexcusable. We get it! We’re all busy! The problem is everyone thinks they’re winning the busy contest. And thank you Charlie Sheen … now we’re all #winning.

Well, we’re over it. No one is busier than anyone else. We could go into the conversation about the judgment that moms and women pass on everyone, but we won’t.

If you’re not busy, then you must be lazy. Slowing down is gross. But is it? We like the saying “Self care is not selfish.” We’ve taken up tennis, Barre and spin class in an effort to do something for ourselves. We hear you complainers saying…you’ve just added one more thing on your plate! We know, we know. Didn’t we just tell you that we’re all busy?

Being in a hurry and “busy” causes major stress and anxiety for us. We joke that we can hide life’s stresses well. (Cue the pageant wave.) How are you? I’m great! Everything’s fabulous. Meanwhile, we’re all secretly drowning in to-do lists and telling ourselves, “just keep swimming.” It’s important to be authentic about your busyness, but know thy audience. Keep your dumping for close friends and family.

Also, we’d like to give a shout out and thank you to social media! Whoop, whoop! Thank you for constantly making us feel like we’re failing. Kids aren’t in enough activities? Check. Used dry shampoo for four days. Check. Have told the last three people I saw that I’m exhausted. Checkity-check.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any tips to help you free up your time or make you un-busy, but there are plenty of other blog posts about organization, planning and what highly effective leaders do to help you with that. 

Doesn’t busy really mean you’re overworked, on edge and hard-pressed to find time to do anything? Guess what? We all are. You don’t win. No one should be too busy to have manners and recognize when things are out of control. All we’re asking is for you to respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.  Text back, at least within two days. Bottom line, pass the damn ball back during conversation so I can tell you how busy I am too. Kidding (sort of).

We all need to take a minute. Breathe. Slow down. And maybe we need to replace the word busy with motivated? Inspired? Driven? Whatever you want to call it, we’re all doing the same things, trying our best and hustling through this crazy, yet wonderful thing called life. We don’t have all the answers, but we do know one thing – you’re not #winning the busy contest.