Happy 6th Birthday Chace!

I have a six year old. WHAT?  A. How can I be old enough to have a six year old, and B. when did my baby grow up so much? Let’s be real, I’m plenty old enough to have a six year old, in fact I’m old enough to have a grandchild on the way! (side note, I only know this because someone I’m facebook friends with from high school is about to be a grandmother). I mean, I’m not that old… wait, is 40 still considered “over the hill?”

Moving on… my oldest turned six a couple of weeks ago. He’s six. Did I mention he’s six? He might as well be going off to college this fall. That’s how I feel. In August he’ll be in first grade. Yes, now we’re starting school where it’s a numbered grade, not a word, i.e. Kindergarten.  SIGH. Unbeknownst to me he shares a birthday with a little girl in his class named Claire. Clarie’s mom, Kristen, emailed me to check in and see what we were doing, party wise. I had no idea! Chace’s party ideas ranged from sports, superheroes, army, to Star Wars. All of which, I informed Claire’s mom. She was highly jazzed about the Star Wars theme, which gave me an idea to possibly partner with her. If you know me, you know this was HARD for me. I do not like to release creative control to anyone, much less someone I don’t know. And even more so with my son’s birthday party. P.S. – I tend to go a little overboard with party themes. Oh well. It was settled, Chace and Claire were sharing a Star Wars 6th birthday party. Onto the deets…

It was fabulous! We opted for Jedi training from Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader. Yes, they showed up and taught the kids how to defend/fight/swing with light sabers. P.S. again – this party was held on our country club’s basketball court so no lamps were harmed during Jedi training! After training commenced, it was time to put your skills to the test while slaying a Darth Vader piñata. Here’s a good note, the other mom, Kristin, filled the piñata with individual bags of candy to ensure no fighting over the candy that came flying out of Vader. Genius! Next up: cake, sing Happy Birthday, run around like maniacs, and the party was over. While the Jedis were out of control, we so kindly offered the parents John Daly cocktails… lemonade and sweet tea vodka. Give it a try. You’ll like it… especially while dodging 20+ light sabers!

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to Chace and Claire. The opted for no gifts, (THEY’RE SIX!) but to instead receive money to donate to the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter. Cue the tears… how sweet are our kiddos?! And with that they raised over $380! I couldn’t be any more proud of them. It’s takes a special heart to say no to new toys!