Happy Birthday to me!

So, it’s been a week… a week since I made the grand exit from my 30’s with a fabulous entrance into my 40’s. Three words… What. The Heck. Yes, I cleaned it up… you’re welcome. How can this be? I’m sure my parents are kind of wondering the same thing while they comb thru their abundance of grey hair so generously provided by me. It happened, I turned 40. I remember when 40 was considered “Over the Hill.” Wait, is it still? Hope not! I’m not over the hill… I’m simply 40, happily married (shockingly yes and if you know Colby, you know he’s doing the Colby giggle right now too) have two beautiful boys that share my amazing DNA… they’ll thank me later, I just know it, and own my own business with the best business partner on the face of the planet… paws off, she’s mine, all mine… and Ramon’s too. I live in a state I never thought I’d live in, also known as The Gold Bubble. Get it? Good. I’m sure I’m supposed to write amazing philosophical thoughts but y’all, that’s so not me. Instead… 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you from the very bottom of my ‘over the hill’ heart. Thank you to my parents for keeping me alive for 18+ years. Thank you to my husband for being my best friend for 10+ years. Thank you for the calls, voicemails (McCord, Marilyn never gets old), texts, social media posts (Bird, I could kill you for posting that horrendous pic, but I won’t… just going to tell myself that I look better than that now), likes, & loves, celebrations (y’all know who you are), cards, cupcakes, cakes, flowers ( I have the best brother in law!), prezzies, libations, dinners, donuts, balloons, etc. THANK YOU for all of it. Truly. I’m the first one to say ‘hello, it’s Kasietober, it’s all about me for 31 days.’ But truth be told, I get a little gun shy when it comes right down to it. Shocker, I know. But really, thank you.


[ya'll, click thru those pics, they're kinda fun and you get to see my super cute kids!]

Now back to the real fact… I’m 40. Perhaps the more I type it the more I’ll get it. For now, I just kinda think I’m 39 and hanging. I’m sure it’ll slap me upside the face when one of our always cute interns pops off with … Snoop Dog, I know him, he’s known for Drop It Like It’s Hot. UM, NO HE IS NOT, PLEASE GOOGLE AND TRY AGAIN. Or… I love old music from the 80s. BLANK STARE.  And a recent fave… Princess Lei, what was she in? Oh wait, is she the one with the buns on her head? WINNER. I sort of feel like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused where I get older and everyone else stays the same age and yet they never understand why I think I’m so funny or bust out in song while they just stare at me. It’s ok, I tell myself. And if it’s not… there’s always Leslie there to give me the laugh and boost I need. And while I type this, she just walked in my office with not one, not two, not even three, but a package ofSIX 40th Birthday candles. Are SIX 40th Birthday candles really necessary? We get it, we 40 year olds are older. Check the box, move on. But SIX huge 40th Birthday candles? On one cake? No, I don’t think so. Not cool. You either get ONE 40th Birthday candle or 40 little candles… you don’t get both. It’s like heels and swimsuits, you don’t get both unless you’re on a pole. Click here for the reference… a cover-up buys you a wedge. [mini rant, not sure where that came from]

In summary, just wanted to give a shout out of thanks…