Jumping into the blogging world... here I go!

Who likes FREE STUFF?!?! We do! We love love love FREE STUFF! Everyone loves FREE STUFF! So don't you think this makes for a perfect first blog? Fingers crossed you all agree. And well, you all might only be one person because after all, this is a new blog, but who cares. It'll gain traction sometime soon... probably with the FREE STUFF we're giving away! Have I mentioned FREE STUFF? Seriously, we have FREE STUFF from so many fun places! And speaking of those fun places, these places are Leslie and I's favorite places! How great is this list??? Bliss Cupcakes, BlondeEuna Mae'sLola, Masons, P&G, Premier Dermatology, RiffraffRuth's Chris Steak House, Southern Vintage, Thatch, and Valere Rene. We love all of these people so much and can't do what we do without all of them. When you have the chance to shop, please support them. What they do for the Northwest Arkansas community is so amazing.  [high fives for everyone!] #3wgrandrebrand

Ps - this blog is supposed to be an outlet for Leslie and I to tell you what we like and love, so please excuse the first blog being "work focused." But we really do like those people, so it was sort of a personal entry, right?!

First entry in the books, checkity check! Have a great weekend everyone!