Holy Blue Ribbon Greatness!


The cat is out of the bag ... or well, the Knight ... as in the St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Knights! Today, well actually last Friday, we get to shout it from the rooftops about how great our school is! We (SVdP) were just awarded the accreditation of becoming a National Blue Ribbon School. Holy Blue-ness, this news is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I, as a parent, couldn't be prouder of everyone at SVdP! Our five-year old, Chace, started Pre-K as a Knight and has plans to go through eighth grade at SVdP. He loves everything about his school ... from the uniforms, the lunches, the education, all the way to the staff. I pick him up everyday and he can't wait to tell me how wonderful his day was. 

Now onto the award. You may not know how AWESOME this news is. I didn't to the full extinct. Allow me to break it down for you in normal people terms ... 

Question: Why was SVdP chosen as a National Blue Ribbon School? Answer: "Our students have scored in the top 15% in both reading and math on standardized tests every year during the five-year evaluation period. We have a diverse student body with over 10 countries represented. We meet the individual needs of our students. Our staff is committed to using technology. We created a community by partnering new school families with a 'mentor family' throughout their first year. And finally, we embrace the true meaning of faith, education, service." 

Out of the approximately 1,200+ schools in Arkansas, only 41 public schools and three non-public schools have received the Blue Ribbon during the 34 history of the award. And this year, SVdP will now join them as the fourth non-public school in Arkansas and the only non-public school in Benton County. 

Can I get some "hands in the air like we just don't care" going on?!?! What a day. What a week. What a secret to keep. And finally, what a school!!! Go Knights!!!