Back to School


Can you believe it’s already time for school to start? Are you ready? We’re sad the relaxing days of summer are over, but from a working mom point of view … we’re kind of ready for a routine. The best part of back to school is seeing all the photos of kids. Another year older, another year wiser (and cuter). The worst part of back to school is getting everyone up and dressed at 6:30 a.m.

The best thing to remember about going back to school is that everyone does the first day of school differently and that’s okay. (What are your traditions?) Although summer is coming to an end, our hope is to continue to simplify life this school year. Take it all in. And for many of you, we know what you’re thinking … August is the last sweaty month between you and pumpkin spice everything.

Summer Reset

July founders letter blue graphic.png

We’re six months in to 2019. July feels like a good time to reset a few things since it’s the mid-year marker (cue the fireworks for Leslie’s birthday month). Plus, the sun’s out, which always gives us a lot of energy (we’re not cold-weather people).

July also feels like a good time to make some new promises to yourself, doesn’t it? Why do we just make New Year’s resolutions in January? Slow down this summer and take time to book that annoying doctor's appointment, clean out the clutter and call your friend you haven’t seen in years. Why not make July your month of big plans to take care of small things?

Whether you’re at the lake, ocean or simply poolside - be all there. Before you know it, the school year will be starting up again. We hope it’s a month of blessings and positive changes for everyone reading this.

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